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Tuesday, Jun 17th, 2014 thank you wichita. once agin we had a great time at kirby's beer store. the place is tiny, but we always get to play packed shows there and the people always have such good energy. thanks to david for opening up with his loops, clicks and gizmos set. also, a special thanks to paul, who always treats us like rock stars even though we are far from it. thanks to christina behind the bar as well for helping us out with the tips and being a gracious host. we met a bunch of new folks and got to catch up with people we've met over the last couple of summers. thank yous and nice to meet yous to alex, adrian, blake, calie, kale, becca, jayde, and craig. thanks also to the nick and sean band, who brought out a lot of folks and played a great set after we were done. looking forward to hearing them again, maybe out west even. a shout out to japanese game show, who let us crash at their place after the gig.

i should probably thank king taco also for some delicious burritos late night. we almost got washed away by the down pour, but it was worth the drive through all the rivers of rain water flowing through wichita. it had been since last summer i'd been in such a thunderstorm. it turned out to be a bunch of lighting and rain, but no tornados, so no worries other than getting soaked to the bones trying to load out gear and secure the van up for the night. it was fun to sit on a midwest porch and listen to the rain and smell the fresh air. though, i'm not sure if people consider wichita a part of the midwest, but it definitely has that vibe to me.

it was a short drive to lawrence and it was nice to not be in the van too much that day. though, i'd have to say we are doing pretty well with spacing out the shows and there haven't been as many monster drives as the last couple of summers. lawrence was hopping when we pulled into down town and i found a coffee shop to get some work, booking and emails done. took a great stroll in one of the neighborhoods by the 8th street tap room where we played and saw my very first lighting bug of the season, which i promptly captured and released by hand. our friend, bernie from folkicide, who we played with last summer and joined us that night for a couple of shows, had posted on his facebook page that it was bad luck not to catch the first lightning bug of the season, but if you did the summer would be yours. so, hello summer 2014, you are mine. speaking of bernie, it was great to see his band folkicide play and the expanded line up with marco on guitar and matt on drums. excellent translation of bernie's songs. we also met craig from this is my condition, and he proceeded to blow our minds with a one man noise extravaganza. he straps an electric guitar to his drum kit and pounds away at guitar and kit with drum sticks getting some really great textures going. a great way to kick off the night and fun to see someone doing something truly original and good.

after the gig we headed to kansas city to crash at bernie's place and chill out before our kansas city gig that next night. on the way we stopped for gas and almost lost steve to a stupid drunk driver pulling out of the gas station like a bat out of hell. nothing like one idiot to nearly ruin an entire tour. fortunately steve was able to stiff arm the car a bit and hope slash roll off the back end and out of the way. the real kicker was when the people in the car starting yelling at steve for touching their car after nearly running him over. some choice words were exchanged and they decided to eventually speed off into the night when we said we were more than happy to settle it in the parking lot or have the cops come and just see who was right and wrong. stay out past 3 in the morning and you are bound to find the crazies and the drunks. fortunately we don't play that and always make sure someone is sober for the drive.

we pulled into kansas city and crashed at bernie's and got to sleep in the next day. hello. nothing like these short drives to keep you fresh. wound up getting laundry done and even had time for some laying around in the sun in bernie's back yard. unfortunately, bernie didn't get to sleep as well as we did on his couches since his old pug linus was a bit excited that someone was downstairs in the house. we went to arthur bryant's for a taste of classic kansas city bbq and culture. i had to order fries, potato salad, and pickles as the only real options for veggie off the menu, but definitely enjoyed all the different bbq sauces on the fries along with a thirst quenching ice tea to wash it all down. quite a place and the amount of meat that was served to some of the tables was impressive. nothing like half a cow slathered between two pieces of wonder bread. there were some people even mowing down full racks of ribs. not a place people go away hungry. plus it was good for bernie's sadistic side to take a vegetarian into the lion's den.

it was davey's that night in kaycee and we got to play with bernie again and his drummer's band schwervon. it was folkicide's record release and they had a lot of people out looking to get their hands on the new vinyl which was looking super cool. bernie did the artwork and it was a very good looking record. definitely looking forward to hearing it. schwervon were great and nan even did some tap dance during their set which was fun. we enjoyed being on a stage with good sound and byron, the sound guy, helped us file in a nice tone. this time i made it all the way to the very end of the set before breaking a string. much different then the night before when my guitar fell apart during our second tune. but, thanks to the bullhorn i was able to pull it off like no big deal. nothing like a little slight of a hand to keep things interesting. after the gig at davey's we had to say our goodbyes and head to indianapolis for a 12:30pm festival slot. it was a first drive through the night, and it didn't go too bad. we got into jimmy and diane's and crashed for a couple of hours and then headed downtown for the show.

we were at one of the main stages for the indianapolis music and arts festival and we pulled right in and set up nice and easy. it was our first outdoor show in awhile, but the sound guy, steve had us all dialed in and there was a cover over the stage keeping out the hot hot sun, so everything went off without a hitch, except another broken string, but i just switched up guitars and we kept on rolling. note to self, my back up guitar needs to have a scale length a bit closer to my main axe if i want to keep things easier. oh well, didn't seem to be too big of deal, since i've had to go to the back up a few gigs now on this tour. after our set we hung out at the festival and i moved some tShirts and cds for a couple of tanks worth of gasoline which was awesome. we went to the music store from there and who do we bump into but faux paw, who we were playing with that evening. we caught up a bit and got the things we needed and headed to the gig for sound check at the hi fi. which turned out to be a very sweet place. green room and all, so we felt like we were getting the royal treatment. we had a great show with a real good crowd and faux paw sounded great as well. definitely looking forward to hanging out with them over the next couple of days as we go through ohio with them on the line ups at canton, cincy, and columbus. special thanks to jeremy from indie rock live who came out to see the show. he is the one who hooked us up with faux paw a couple of summers ago, and has been super kind by drawing attention to our music around indianapolis on his blog indy rock live. we ended up getting late nite grub at bennies again with him and then back out to fishers to crash for the night.

had a good night's sleep after only getting two or three hours the day before and a great breakfast made by diane. then back on the road. and that's where things stand now as we are in the van headed to canton. lh

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