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Friday, Oct 18th, 2013 that was an epic day in eugene. and a gorgeous fall day in the northwest. i hadn't been on university of oregon's campus before other than a dead show at autzen stadium. we've played downtown a handful of times, but this time ventured a bit further in. we had a great time at kwva and it was fun to meet isabelle, brennan, kirsten, and amanda at the station. we had a good time shooting the breeze with everyone, and they were super cool to have us on air and spin some of our tunes off of faux fiction.

but kwva wasn't the only place we had fun. we played our first gazebo at skip's records. everyone there was super nice, and a cool experience to play in such a huge record store. i took a lap during a version of john jacob and got a bunch of high fives. thanks to ryan, who did sound for us, and all the other folks that stopped by to listen and support. from there we went to luckey's and had a fun show with kingdom county and the tyler fortier. luckey's has delicious ginger ale concoction they make and other than pizza (thanks track town pizza, wink wink) we enjoy ginger ales across the country. luckey's owns the crown hands down.

we can't forget to thank kvrm as well where we started off the day with an acoustic on air performance. we have wanted to get the opportunity to play some of the tunes acoustic, and this gave us a good chance. all in all a pretty sweet day. shout out to nathan and michael, who came out to luckey's to see us. a while back we played a show in eugene and met them, and had fun shooting the breeze about music. it is always nice to get to see folks again. also, thanks to everyone else that came up and said hello and introduced yourself. we look forward to coming back to eugene.

last night it was duck country, but tonight it's beaver :) hello corvallis, thank you happy trails records. laters.

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